We may like to think that we're 'down with the kids' and know a trend when we see one but the reality is that today's 20/30-something culture is a world apart from what's going on with teenagers.

Whether its the latest slang word or iPhone app, you can nearly guarantee that we're only starting to use it months (or years!) after it has become de rigeur in secondary schools around the country.

With this in mind, we decided to hand over the reins to 16-year-old student Rebecca Stafford to see which of our favourite trends are still relevant and what we should be looking out for next.

Here's the verdict...

"I may be 16 years old, but that doesn't mean I can't teach you a thing or two.

After reading about the trends that were popular among the previous generation, it became clear to me that you guys had a very different sense of fashion to teenagers these days. 

I’d like to educate you, old people of Ireland, so here is a list of the most popular teenage trends at the moment. 

1. Chokers

Almost every teenage girl is wearing some form or style of choker, whether it be a string choker or a thick one.

You can pick 'em up cheap in Penneys for €3-4.



2. Highlight/contour

The highlight and contour trend is probably one of the most popular make-up trends among teenage girls as they strive to keep their highlight on fleek. You might have adding a bit of strobing to your routine but this is a whole other level.

I have mixed emotions myself, simply because it's a bit too much effort.



3. Fishnets under ripped jeans

Wearing black fishnet tights under blue jeans has become a new trend recently as the grunge look is coming back.

I can't decide if this is cool or weird.



4. Pandora rings

The Pandora Princess ring was a big trend around Christmas and every girl is either wearing one or wants one.

I love Pandora princess rings. They come in two colours, silver (€49) and rose (€59). I have one myself and I'm fairly confident that it's the prettiest thing ever.



5. Bold liner

Black winged eyeliner is a must for girls.

I wear winged eyeliner on almost every day of the week, it takes a while to perfect and tutorials are hard to follow as everyone’s eye shape is different, but it's simple once you get the hang of it.

Whatever you're wearing already, max it.